Important Decisions of GB Meeting held on 22nd April

Important Decisions of GB Meeting held on 22nd April

Important Decisions taken during Special General Body / Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting of All India Chess Federation held on 22.04.2020 as per the provision of Section 11 of AICF Constitution and Section 28 of Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975.

Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures in the midst of Covid-19 spread and restrictions,  the General Body of  All India Chess Federation (AICF) took some landmark decisions. We would like to inform that 23 States were represented at the meeting and there were 44 members in all who attended through an online- audio/video conference via ZOOM, and it took place without a glitch.

The General Body meeting was chaired by Senior member Mr. Naresh Sharma.   The General Body had to sort out the ongoing turmoil in  ALL INDIA CHESS FEDERATION (AICF),  which has resulted in two websites, different email IDs and hordes of other pending matters.   The General Body members took the following important decisions:

1.      To approach the Ministry to conduct the elections : The elections of the AICF have to be held according to the ruling of Honorable Courts. It has been decided to approach the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to conduct the election under its supervision.

2.      The members were staggered that without the approval of Central Council/General Body,  Mr. Raja and Mr. Vijay Deshpande tried to change the signatory at bank. As a result, Indian bank, Chennai has frozen any types of withdrawals from AICF accounts. Members felt the matter should be inquired,  that how on 31st March within one day after illegal appointment of Vijay Deshpande, Mr. D V Sundar visited the bank to change the signatories, when country was under lockdown?

3.      Members showed concern that Bandekar ex-treasurer has not submitted accounts from October 2019, and asked him to submit the accounts within one week.

4.      General Body was mystified to know that Mr. Raja has unilaterally written to Justice Khalifulla and Justice Khalifulla has rejected the offer. The whole things was done by keeping Members in dark and General Body decided to appoint 3 member committee to investigate the matter.

5.      The members appointed  a   Five-Member Committee Comprising President : Dr. Vipnesh Bhardwaj ; Secretary – Convener, – Mr. Naresh Sharma ; Member –  Mr. Bhavesh Patel; Player Representative (Male) – IM  Neeraj Kumar Mishra    and    Player Representative (Female)  – WIM Bhagyshree Thipsay,  Arjuna Awardee. The 5 member committee will look after the day-to-day affairs of the AICF.

6.      Mr. PRV Raja, Mr. Kishore Bandekar and Mr. Vijay Deshpande  have been  restrained from using AICF- Position, Name, Logo, Letterhead, Email and Website.

7.      The General Body disaffiliated All Marathi Chess Association and ratified the decision of disaffiliation of All Rajaputana Chess Association. It is also decided to restore the Affiliation of   –   Maharashtra Chess Association     and    Rajasthan Chess Association to look after affairs of Maharashtra and Rajasthan respectively.

8.      The Andhra Pradesh Chess Association was   disaffiliated,   as it has not paid prize money due to the players for an event, despite several reminders. An Ad-Hoc Committee was formed, to look after the affairs of Andhra Pradesh.

9.      Bengal Chess Association was disaffiliated   and   Ad-Hoc Committee was formed, to look after the affairs of West Bengal, by the General Body. The Bengal Chess Association submitted forged documents to Sports Authority of India to receive grant for conduct of national championship and later SAI through independent investigation found out the truth and instructed AICF to refund the grant immediately, which was done from AICF exchequer and Bengal Chess Association failed to remit the amount to AICF account despite several reminders. The election of Bengal Chess Association was conduct not according to AICF bye laws and Sports Code of India. The Association also failed to make changes to their bye laws as per AICF Constitution.

10.    The General Body withdrew the nomination of Mr. Ravindra Dongre , from  positions of  World Chess Federation ( FIDE ) .

11.    The General Body Members accepted  the initiative of  FIDE         (World Chess Federation) to resolve the issues of ALL INDIA CHESS FEDERATION  ( AICF)