AICF Official Website Changed

AICF Official Website Changed

To All Office Bearers / State Associations / Institutional Members/Players/Arbiters/Organisers

Greetings from All India Chess Federation!

As per the constitution of All India Chess Federation, the Secretary is responsible for day to day administration of the Federation.

However, erstwhile President and Treasurer in connivance with website company from chennai, hijacked the official website of All India Chess Federation with corrupt means to use it as a tool for propaganda. Their is also a false propaganda of change of email address of AICF through the hijacked website. The legal action against such acts is being taken by AICF.

Considering the same, as duty bound, to lookafter the administration of the All India Chess Federation, undersigned forced to create a new official website for the Federation. Hence the website will not be an official website of the AICF from today. But the previous email ID will remain as an official email ID of AICF.

Henceforth following are the official website and email ID of AICF from today and everybody is requested to communicate with AICF on the same:

Email ID:

All concerned to note.

Best Wishes

Bharat Singh Chauhan
Hony Secretary

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