FIDE Trainers’ Seminar in Chennai, India – RESULTS

FIDE Trainers’ Seminar in Chennai, India – RESULTS Print
Thursday, 14 February 2019 13:12
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A FIDE Trainers’ Seminar was organised by the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association under the aegis of All India Chess Federation (AICF) from 1-3 February 2019.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, kindly sponsored the event and so all participants were given free board and lodging.

India has now held four such seminars in the last twelve months with some 150 local coaches so far qualifying for FIDE Trainer titles.

The following titles were proposed to be awarded and will be subject to endorsement by TRG and final approval by the FIDE Presidential Board at their meeting in March 2019.

No. Name ID FED Title Proposed
1 Kannappan Priyadharshan 5018293 IND FT
2 Prasad Devaki V 5000050 IND FT
3 Gokhale Chandrashekhar 5001315 IND FT
4 Ramaswamy Aarthie 5004373 IND FT
5 Goswami Vedant 5003725 IND FT
6 Ramu Kandi 5006171 IND FT
7 Singh Rishpal S 5004284 IND FT
8 Amitpal Singh 5012899 IND FI
9 Kavitha J E 5044200 IND FI
10 Sangeetha M. R. 5011868 IND FI
11 Kameswara Rao Vempati 5049059 IND FI
12 Vinod Kumar M. 5016207 IND FI
13 Swapnil Hoble 5020174 IND FI
14 Sivakumar C. 5016258 IND FI
15 Vijaydespande 5003628 IND FI
16 Santhanam H. 5011469 IND FI
17 Niklesh Kumar Jain 5037921 IND FI
18 Farhaan M 5055423 IND NI
19 Rajashekar B 5089743 IND NI
20 Gopinadh M 5098262 IND NI
21 Gautam Rohidas Tari 5066921 IND NI
22 Promodraj Moree 25040316 IND NI
23 Madhuri N 5044251 IND NI
24 Vamsi Krishna R 25006355 IND NI
25 Khonde Shobharaj 5049318 IND NI
26 Unni Krishnan Pg 35071599 IND NI
27 Bansod Swapnil 25017993 IND NI
28 Kalyanaraghavan.V.S 5081513 IND NI
29 Suman Yaddanapudi 46653910 IND NI
30 Kavya. S 5065410 IND NI
31 Narayanan J 25086715 IND NI
32 Karpagakumar S V S 35009591 IND NI
33 Subrahmanyam K V 46602712 IND NI
34 Raghavendra M V 45051518 IND NI
35 Kishore Madasu 25124595 IND NI
36 Omkar S Dandoti 25637843 IND NI
37 Banel Andross J 25707329 IND NI
38 Suresh Babu M H 45028320 IND NI
39 Venugopal V 25142151 IND NI

The lecturers were FST/GM Ramesh RB and FST/IM Vishal Sareen.

D.V. Sundar FIDE VP Officiated
D.V. Sundar, FIDE VP, officiated while special thanks is due to Bharat Singh Chauhan, AICF Hon. Secretary for obtaining government sponsorship.

The Serious Participants

Seminar participants



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